An educational exhibit of works by students of the
Arts & Technology Workshop
- in print and in cyberspace -
with contributions and commentary by Carlos X.

Sponsored by Santa Barbara High School and The Art Fund Mentorship

Instructor's Note

View a graphical index of the artworks (warning 595K)

a naturalby julian abrajan

assdrugsby alfonso palafox

bug2by alfonso palafox

damaso headsby damaso abrajan

damasorockby damaso abrajan

Demon Mike in Flamesby mike powell

DEMONby truck

devilution2by suzanna young

Brownby alfonso palafox

GalavizShockby antonio galaviz

luna y jaguarby antonio tamayo

Mike12mbossblueby mike powell

paradiseby julian abrajan

revhoby ???

smokingby damaso abrajan

SUZANNA.Ccoolby suzanna young

TabSlaveby damaso abrajan

georgeby julian abrajan

Commentary by Carlos X

  • Arts & Technology Workshop