Curriculum Vitae for Benigno Muniz Jr.


Entrepreneurial technical leader with 25 years of diverse experience in aerospace project management, systems engineering, and business development. Successfully managed projects and conducted analysis on spacecraft and aircraft programs ranging from preliminary concept design, to ground and flight test, to production flight hardware.

Work Experience

Constellation Services International, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA: June 2000 - Present

Chief Technical Officer/Chief Engineer/Deputy Program Manager

Co-founder of small company developing innovative space systems to service satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), deliver commercial and government cargo to International Space Station (ISS) and other platforms, and support human spaceflight activities. Full responsibility for developing, managing, and implementing all aspects of engineering and technology integration activities, from CSI's engineering processes and practices to in-house and subcontractor technical analysis and project deliverables.

Hughes Space & Communications Co., El Segundo, CA: November 1995 - June 2000

Senior Staff Engineer, Space Systems Architecture group, Systems Engineering department

Led Competitive Technical Intelligence activities, supporting Systems Engineering, New Business Development, Strategic Planning, and Product Business Unit departments. Responsible for all aspects of projecting and analyzing competitive communications satellite system near-term capabilities and emerging technologies within the industry.

Rocketdyne Division/Rockwell International, Canoga Park, CA: April 1990 - November 1995

Engineering Specialist, System Engineering, Integration and Operations (SEI&O) Product Area

Responsible for conducting analysis and supervising activities of up to eight other engineers on NASA Space Station program in calculating dynamic loads and assessing control system/structural stability.

Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Bethpage, NY: March 1982 - April 1990

Structural Dynamics Engineer, Loads and Dynamics Group

Structural dynamics engineer on numerous projects including Boost Surveillance and Tracking System (BSTS) imaging satellite, DARPA/USAF/NASA X-29 forward-swept-wing (FSW) technology demonstrator, F-14D, A-6F, E-2C, and C2-A naval aircraft, and company special research and development sensitive programs.


University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension, Los Angeles, CA
Graduate-level Certificate in Astronautical Engineering, July 1998

International Space University Summer Session, Barcelona, Spain
Certificate with Honors, Systems Architecture and Mission Design department, August 1994
Intensive graduate-level international program in interdisciplinary space studies.
Group project: "SSE - Solar System Exploration Program" using smallsat system architectures.

Clarkson College, Potsdam, NY
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, May 1981
Dean's List, John Bardeen Sponsored Scholarship

Graduate-level and professional courses and seminars include:
Systems Engineering: Hughes Electronics
Systems Engineering Requirements Management using DOORS Software: Hughes Electronics
Spacecraft Mission Analysis and Design: University of Southern California
Space Mission System Engineering: UCLA extension
Spacecraft Systems Design and Analysis: UCLA extension
Basics of Communications Satellite Systems Engineering: Hughes Space & Communications
Introduction to Satellite Communication: UCLA extension
Orbital Mechanics: UCLA extension
Liquid Rocket Propulsion: Rocketdyne/Rockwell
Spacecraft Propulsion: UCLA extension
Aerospace Structural Systems - Preliminary Design Techniques: UCLA extension
Aerospace Structures: NY Institute of Technology
Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics and Aeroacoustics I: UCLA extension
Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics and Aeroacoustics II: UCLA extension
Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics and Aeroacoustics III: UCLA extension
MSC/NASTRAN Linear Statics Analysis: MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation
MSC/NASTRAN Dynamic Analysis I: MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation
MSC/NASTRAN Superelement Analysis: MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation
MSC/NASTRAN Advanced Modelling Topics: MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation
Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists: Polytechnic Institute (NY)
Aeroelasticity: Polytechnic Institute (NY)
Aircraft Stability and Control: University of Kansas Extension
Management Principles: National Management Association
Introduction to Supervision: National Management Association
Communication Skills: National Management Association
Effective Presentations: Rocketdyne/Rockwell
Competitive Technical Intelligence: Caltech

Professional Awards/Affiliations

NASA Group Achievement Award for Space Station Plume Impingement Issues, March 1992
Rocketdyne Manager's Award, Integrated Equipment Assembly CDR support, April 1993
Selected as Systems Architecture Department Teaching Assistant, ISU 1995 Summer Session
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Senior Member
American Astronautical Society: Senior Member
International Council on Systems Engineering: Member
Project Management Institute, Aerospace and Defense Specific Interest Group: Member

Selected Publications/Presentations

"Concept for a Low-Cost Manned Trip Around the Moon in Three Years or Less," SpaceVision2004 Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA, November 2004

"Method and apparatus for supplying orbital space platforms using payload canisters via intermediate orbital rendezvous and docking," co-author, US Patent No. 6,669,148, December 2003

"Power from Space: New Concepts for Orbiting Solar Collectors May be Economical", co-author, Energy magazine, Vol. 23, No. 2 , May 1998

"Alpha Town: The International Space Station As A Precursor To The First Town In Space", co-author, 6th Alumni Conference of the International Space University, Houston, TX, NASA CP-3355, July 1997

"International Space University 1994 Design Project: Global Access to Tele-Health and Tele-Education System (GATES)", JPL Management Association, JPL, Pasadena, CA, April 1995

"Legislation Implications for Single Stage To Orbit Technology", Seminar on Space Policy for the 21st Century, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC, March 1995

"International Space University 1994 Design Project: Lunar Polar Prospecting Mission", International Lunar Exploration Conference, San Diego, CA, November 1994

"Space Station Solar Array Pointing System Control/Structure Interaction Study Using CO-ST-IN for Modal Reduction," co-author, 1993 MSC/NASTRAN World User's Conference, May 1993

"Control of Forward-Swept Wing Configurations Dominated by Flight-Dynamic/Aeroelastic Interactions," co-author, Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, Vol. 9, No. 1, January-February 1986

"Transonic Test of a Forward-Swept Wing Configuration Exhibiting Body-Freedom Flutter," co-author, 26th AIAA Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference, April 1985

"Body-Freedom Flutter of a 1/2-Scale Forward-Swept Wing Model, an Experimental and Analytical Study," co-author, NASA Contractor Report CR-172324, April 1984

Communication Skills

Excellent written and verbal communication capabilities in English. Author of numerous in-house and contract technical reports and papers, proposal sections and summaries, and patents (awarded and pending). Have given presentations to wide range of audiences including customer, technical specialist, executive management, and U.S government communities.

Basic written and verbal communication capabilities in Spanish.

Introductory written and verbal communication capabilities in Russian.

Personal Interests

Space Frontier Foundation: Board of Directors, 1996, 1998, 1999 (currently Advocate)
Space Frontier Foundation's "Service to the Foundation" award, 1998
National Space Society (NSS): Board of Directors, 1995-1996
President, and Vice-President/External Affairs: California Space Development Council, 1994-1996
President: Organization for the Advancement of Space Industrialization and Settlement (OASIS), 1993-1994
President and Co-Founder: Rocketdyne Employees Chapter of NSS:, 1993-1995
Space Frontier Conference 5: Chairman, 1996
Space Frontier Conference 8: Advances Technologies Session Panel Chair, 1999
ProSpace March Storm: Briefing Teams Manager, 1995-1998
Space Studies Institute: Senior Associate
Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)-certified Advanced Open Water scuba diver