In an age when even people's pets seem to have their own sophisticated WWW pages, this is all I have. :-)

When I get a spare instant, I'll add some more content here, but for now all this page contains is:

  1. my paper "'ALPHA TOWN': THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION AS A PRECURSOR TO THE FIRST TOWN IN SPACE," which I presented at the Sixth Alumni Conference of the International Space University on 11 July 1997 in Houston, TX. (published in NASA Conference Publication 3355) [last updated 11 Nov 2006];

  2. the genesis of the phrase "Space Is A Place, Not A Program" [last updated 11 Nov 2006];

  3. an analysis I did of NASA's total budget history. This is also available as a downloadable PDF file. It shows that in constant dollars, NASA gets about 60% of it's Apollo-era peak funding [last updated 19 Jan 2001];

  4. an analysis I did of the change in NASA's budget over time. This is also available as a downloadable PDF file. It shows that the volatility of NASA's budget had decreased in recent years [last updated 19 Jan 2001];

  5. the percentage of the Veterans Administration, Housing and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies budget (sometimes called the "Discretionary Budget") that was allocated to NASA in 1998, which I found at a NASA/Johnson Space Center WWW site. This is also available as a downloadable PDF file. It shows that NASA got 19.3% of the discretionary budget (it should be noted that the percentages haven't changed all that much over the past few years) [last updated 19 Jan 2001];

  6. a paper by Dr. Joel S. Greenberg entitled "RLV Government/Industry/Economic/Financial Issues", which he presented at the AIAA Space 2000 Conference & Exposition, held 19-21 September 2000 in Long Beach, CA. It is posted here for distribution among the space activist community with the permission of Dr. Greenberg, who is President of Princeton Synergetics, Inc. In this paper, he examines various forms of government initiatives that may effect private sector investment decisions in space transportation businesses [last updated 19 Jan 2001];

  7. a presenation I made at the Space Access 2001 conference where I summarized some of Dr. Greenberg points on various forms of government initiatives [last updated 11 Nov 2006];

  8. My Curriculum Vitae;

  9. I have temporarily deleted the instructions on signing up for the "Southern California Space News and Events" email list that I created.

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29 April 2007

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