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The demise of the Apple Flavored Java site has left a big hole in the Mac + Java web presence.  My son and partner, Todd Kirby, is now also a Sun Certified Java Programmer. He has agreed to help me rejuvenate this site and make it an important resource for Mac enthusiasts who work with Java. The Apple graphics are also his creations  (and he designed them well before the current iMac-inspired translucent graphics I might add.)

We hope to make this site  the major source of news and information about Apple-specific Java issues and are committed to updating the site at least weekly and hopefully more often. At some point we will document how to prepare for the Java certification exams if one's primary platform is the Mac. Updated: 

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Mac Java News and Resources

The EvangeList Mailing List reports that SpotCheck 1.2, the Java code editor / browser made exclusively for the Macintosh, has been released:

This GenieWorks, LLC product analyzes  your code as you work, provides ongoing feedback about "compiler" errors, and maintains full-time, "live" cross-reference links for all identifiers. Price is $20. A free demo of SpotCheck 1.2 is available at the GenieWorks site. Send inquiries to

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The New York Times reports: "Apple Computer Inc. said
            Thursday that it had joined with Lucasfilm Ltd. to present a preview of
        the new "Star Wars" movie on its Web site, a day before the trailer will
        begin appearing in theaters.

        Steven P. Jobs, Apple's co-founder and interim chief executive, said in a
        telephone interview that the company had added network capacity to
        accommodate an anticipated 10 million downloads of the
        two-and-a-half-minute film clip. It is now accessible at or and is offered in several different resolutions so that
        viewers can pick a download suitable to the speed of their connection to the
        Web. The trailer will begin appearing in theaters on Friday. "

MacWEEK  reports:
Zat's Spin, a Java Authoring Tool, is now Apple-enabled.

SpotCheck is a Macintosh language-based editor, or structure editor,
that "knows" the Java language. It is designed to help a Java
programmer produce correct code, without relying on confusing and
untimely feedback from a compiler. Free demo available at the site.

Pagecharmer Java applets Macintosh version available.

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The Early Days of Java on the Mac: A Journal
And perhaps of some  historical interest are my journals of when Java first became available on the Mac. These journals chronicle my early, oft-times ill-fated, attempts to learn the Java language. *

We hope you enjoy it and participate. We welcome comments, suggestions and additions.

Dale Kirby   &    Todd Kirby

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