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Compiled by: Mike Songster (songster@chemsun.chem.umn.edu), Matt Cooperberg, and Lorin Hawley (hawleylm@apple.com).
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This bibliography has now been updated through Summer 1996, and is as far as I know, the most complete bibliography available on Tom Robbins. The first version (v 1.0) was originally posted to alt.fan.tom-robbins by Mike Songster, and subsequently updated and coded for HTML (v 2.0) by Matt Cooperberg. This version (v 3.0) was revised, updated, and re-coded for HTML by Mike Songster.

The following is a list of all known (at least to me...if anyone out there knows of relevent works not included here, by all means please email me) publications by or about Tom Robbins. He is of course still alive and well and living in the pacific northwest. This being the case I would appreciate any and all additions of future works which should be included in this here bibliography. I also welcome all submissions, suggestions and corrections, though please be delicate, as my ego bruises easily. I do hope that this list is of some enjoyment and/or use to someone, somewhere.

This bibliography is divided into several sections, separating works by T. R. from works about T. R. I have tried to find everything that has been published containing more than a passing comment about T. R., though I am sure I missed things. I have also included in the citation a short comment describing the contents of the work cited, except for those items I was unable to locate.

Table of Contents

  1. Works by Tom Robbins

    1. Novels
    2. Short Stories, Excerpts and Other Fiction
    3. Essays and Other Such Beasts

  2. Works about Tom Robbins

    1. Books
    2. Magazines and Newspapers (Interviews, Profiles, Discussions and the Like)
    3. Academic Journals, Literary Criticism and Analysis
    4. Theses and Dissertations

  3. Reviews of Tom Robbins Novels

    1. Another Roadside Attraction
    2. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
    3. Still-Life with Woodpecker
    4. Jitterbug Perfume
    5. Skinny Legs and All
    6. Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

  4. Translations of Tom Robbins Novels and Short Stories

    1. Another Roadside Attraction
    2. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
    3. Still-Life with Woodpecker
    4. Jitterbug Perfume
    5. Skinny Legs and All
    6. Audio (Books on Tape)

  5. Stuff that Specifically Deals with Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (The Movie)

    1. Home Videos, Screenplays, etc.
    2. Articles about The Movie

The Bibliography

  1. Works by Tom Robbins.

    1. Novels:

      • “Another Roadside Attraction”, Balantine, New York (1971).
      • “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”, Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1976).
      • “Still-Life with Woodpecker”, Bantam, New York (1980).
      • “Jitterbug Perfume”, Bantam, New York (1984).
      • “Skinny Legs and All”, Bantam, New York (1990).
      • “Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas”, Bantam, New York (1994).

    2. Short Stories, Excerpts and Other Fiction:

      • “The Chink and the Clock People” (Excerpts adapted from “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”), The Best American Short Stories, 1977, Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1977). (Reprinted from American Review, 1976.)
      • “Meditations on a Camel Pack” (Excerpts adapted from “Still-Life with Woodpecker”), Esquire, 94, pp 27-38 (July, 1980).
      • “Still Life With Woodpecker” (Short excerpt from the novel), Northwest Review, 20(2-3), pp 95-96 (1982).
      • “The Hair of the Beast” (Excerpts adapted from “Jitterbug Perfume”), Esquire, 102, pp 236-238, (November, 1984).
      • “Skinny Legs and All” (Excerpts adapted from the novel), Esquire, 113, pp 149-160, (April, 1990).
      • “The Towers of St. Ignatz” (a “screen treatment for a feature film” involving snowflakes, rastas, and everything, submitted by Bruce Greeley [dada@u.washington.edu]), Ergo! The Bumbershoot Literary Magazine (Summer, 1990).
      • “The House of the Skinny Legs and All” in Monologues from Contemporary Literature, Vol. I (A collection of monologues from a variety of authors including from T. R.), Smith and Kraus: Newbury, Vermont (1992).

    3. Essays and Other Such Beasts:

      • T. R.’s earliest writings apeared in The Helix, a weekly U. of Washington newspaper, where he did art and culture reviews, and reportedly wrote psychedelic poetry. His work apeared sometime in the 1960’s (submitted by Matt Robesch [mrobesch@cyberspace.com, who says local historian Paul Dorpat, who writes for the Seattle Times, is the man to ask for further details).
      • “Betty Bowen: Collected Papers”, ca. 1920-1977, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle. (A collection of Seattle arts patron Bowen’s papers, clippings, correspondence, etc., including correspondence with T. R.)
      • “Gloria B. Peck: Collected papers”, 1956-1976, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle. (A collection of Seattle arts patron Peck’s papers, clippings, correspondence, etc., including transcripts and tapes of a panel discussion involving T. R. called “Is Art Dead” from November 3, 1966 at the Seattle Art Museum.)
      • “West Coast Report” (T. R. with Peter Selz), Art in America, 56, pp 98-101 (November, 1968).
      • R. Allen Jensen, Exhibition March 8 to March 23, 1969 (Introductory essay in the exhibition book), Tacoma, Washington (1969).
      • Skagit Valley Artists, Exhibition March 1 to April 14, 1974 (Introductory essay in the exhibition book), Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington (1974).
      • “Is Feminismo Destroying Feminism? Notes on Nukes, Nookie, and Neo-Romanticism”, Seattle Weekly, pp 11-15 (June 21, 1978). (Reprinted as “Move over Macho, Here Comes Feminismo” in dozens of other newspapers that summer.)
      • “The Purpose of the Moon” (In which Marylin Monroe is given Van Gogh’s ear), Playboy, 26, pp 237, 330 (January, 1979).
      • “A Mix of Mahatma Gandhi & W. C. Fields” (T. R. provides what is possibly the only truly objective, completely accurate, and absolutely comprehensive portrait of the man himself, an auto-interview), San Francisco Chronicle, pp 10-11 (September 28, 1980).
      • “Why I Live Where I Live” (T. R. discusses Burlington, Washington), Esquire, 94, pp 82-84 (October, 1980).
      • “Ray Kroc Did it for You” (Biography/discussion of Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s Corp.), Esquire, 100, pp 340-342, 344 (December, 1983).
      • “A writer’s first obligation...”, Fiction International, 15(1), p 24.
      • “Tom Robbins: The Visual Arts (1963-1964)” (Reprints of articles published in the Seattle Times and Seattle Post), J. Dille, Seattle, Washington (1985).
      • “The Day the Earth Spit Warthogs” (T. R. describes his trip to Tanzania), Esquire: Winter Traveler Special, 104, pp cover-1, 4, 6-7, 11-12 (October, 1985).
      • “Wishing for Milton’s Power and Tolstoy’s Zaniness” (21 authors tell what they want from the Christmas muse, T. R. wants golf clubs), N. Y. Times Book Review, 90, pp 46-7 (December 8, 1985).
      • “True adventure: Treks for the Sophisticated Traveler” (T. R. with James Michener, Annie Dillard, Oliver Statler, Iris Love, Joel Meyerowitz, and Susan Brownmiller), N. Y. Times Magazine, 135, pp S8-S13 (March 16, 1986).
      • “Writers Remember: American authors look back on their favorite cars” (8 writers talk about their favorite cars, T. R. remembers his Caddy and his Z28), compiled by Peter Egan, Road & Track, 38, pp 108, 110, 112, 114, 118 (June, 1987).
      • “Treasured Places” (8 distinguished authors describe landscapes they hold dear, T. R. with Colin Fletcher, Galen Rowell, Edward Abbey, Barry Lopez, James Dickey, Edward Hoagland, and Peter Matthiessen), Life, 10, pp 35-42, 44 (July, 1987).
      • “Ode to Redheads” (T. R. sings the praises of redheads, illustrated), Gentlemen’s Quarterly, 58, pp 216-219 (June, 1988).
      • “Remembering Joseph Campbell” (5 people relate memories of Joseph Campbell), Utne Reader, pp 97-99, (September/October, 1988).
      • “The Real Valley of the Dolls: At the end of a long, lonesome road in the middle of nowhere is ... the Gland Canyon” (T. R. goes to Nevada, and lives to tell the tale), Esquire, 110, pp 202-206, 209 (December, 1988).
      • “Women We Love: Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg” (Brief song of desire for fiddler N. S.-S.), Esquire, 112, pp 172-173 (November, 1989).
      • “The Kiss; Let’s Tiptoe Through the Two Lips; A Valentine from Tom Robbins” (Musings on the origins and usefullness of kissing), Playboy, 37, pp 92-93 (February, 1990).
      • “Two in the Bush” (T. R. describes his trip to Botswana’s Okavango delta), Esquire, 113, pp 50, 54 (March, 1990).
      • “The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess, and the End of History” (by Terence McKenna with a foreward by T. R.), Harper, San Francisco (1992).
      • “A Kiss is Still a Kiss ... Thank God!” (Excerpt from the introduction to the book “A Kiss is Just a Kiss” edited by Bruce Velick, Harmony Books (1990)), Cosmopolitan, 210, pp 212-215, (February, 1991).
      • “Yet Another Roadside Attraction: Seattle’s self-made cowgirl takes on the salt and pepper trade” (T. R. describes Ruby Montana’s collectibles shop, the Pinto Pony), House & Garden, 163, pp 38, 40 (August, 1991).
      • “The Genius Waitress: an ode to women who serve” (An ode to the well educated, underemployed waitress), Playboy, 38, pp 144-145 (December, 1991).
      • “Women We Love: 1992” (Several related articles with T. R., Jimmy Breslin, Bill Geist, John Updike, Stanley Bing, Kurt Loder, Eric Bogosian, and Graydon Carter. T. R. writes of love for Karen Duffy), Esquire, 118, pp 78-91 (August, 1992).
      • “Confessions of a Reluctant Sex Goddess” (T. R. interviews Debra Winger), Esquire, 119(2), pp 70-76 (February, 1993).
      • “You Gotta Have Soul. (60 Things Every Man Should Know)”, Esquire, 120(4), p 164 (October, 1993).
      • “What I’m Reading” (A brief article), Entertainment Weekly, p 83 (November 19, 1993).
      • “City Arts of San Francisco” (A 59 minute, live recording of a lecture given by T. R. at an event hosted by Maya Angelou), Pacific Vista Productions: Petaluma, California (1994).
      • “Mini, a natural high” (T. R. discusses the glorious debut of the miniskirt and the doffing of the bra in the 1960s and 1970s, which together symbolized the rebellion against constraint--sexual, cultural, political, economic and religious--that characterized the era), New York Times, p C 1:2 (April 6, 1995).
      • “My Favorite Thing” (A survey of prominent writers and other celebrities), Esquire, 125(6), pp 65-83 (June, 1996).

  2. Works about Tom Robbins.

    1. Books and Book Sections:

      • Siegel, Mark. “Tom Robbins”, Western Writers Series, No. 42, Boise State University (1980). (Reviewed by A. Frietzsche, Western American Literature, 16(3), 1981.)
      • Nadeau, Robert. “Readings from the New Book on Nature: Physics and Metaphysics in the Modern Novel”, University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst (1981).
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    2. Magazines and Newspapers (Interviews, Profiles, Discussions and the Like):

      • Batchelor, John Calvin. “Package of the Artist as a Young Seer”, Soho Weekly News (January 13, 1977).
      • Nathan, Paul S. “Border Crossing” (Disscussion of the publication history of T. R.’s novels), Publisher’s Weekly, 211, p 52 (April 4, 1977).
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    3. Academic Journals, Literary Criticism, and Analysis:

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    4. Theses and Dissertations:

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  3. Reviews of Tom Robbins Novels (and The Movie).

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  4. Translations of Tom Robbins Novels and Short Stories.

    1. Another Roadside Attraction:

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    2. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues:

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    3. Still-Life with Woodpecker:

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    4. Jitterbug Perfume:

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    5. Skinny Legs and All:

      • (German) “Salomes siebter Schleier”, Rowohlt, Hamburg (1992).

    6. Audio (Books on Tape).

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  5. Stuff that Specifically Deals with Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (The Movie).

    1. Home Videos, Screenplays, etc.:

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