Mark S. Hutchenreuther -- Genealogy

Revised 30 June 1996 to put ancestry stories on linked individual pages.

I have my current research available as a GEDCOM file, created with Parsons Technology's Family Origins for Windows.

For a while, I ran the Mensa Genealogy SIG. The irony is that I found I had no time for my own genealogy work. So I passed it on to a new coordinator, and did some more work of my own. I have done an Ahnentafel, but it is too large (and a bit boring) to include here. Instead, I will show my first few generations:

			Oscar HUTSCHENREUTHER (b. 5 Jul 1851, Schney, Bavaria)
		Emil Wilhelm HUTCHENREUTHER (b. 26 Apr 1887, d. Apr 1976)
			Elizabeth RAUSCHERT (b. 27 Apr 1856, d. 10 Jun 1926)
	Charles Oscar HUTCHENREUTHER (b. 16 Jun 1916)
			Charles Wesley DAYTON (b. 3 Apr 1851, d. 17 Jul 1934)
		Lulu May DAYTON (b. 11 Jul 1889, d. Mar 1977)
			Frances Elizabeth MILLIMAN ( b. 1 Dec 1853, d. 8 Feb 1900)
Mark Scott HUTCHENREUTHER (b. 9 Mar 1948)
			Charles HAWKINS (b. 1850, d. 1934)
		Charles P. HAWKINS (b. 22 Nov 1890, d. Oct 1981)
			Edith M. PICARD (b. 22 Nov 1873, d. 5 Jan 1962)
	Harriet Ann HAWKINS (b. 30 Apr 1922)
			John Christian SCHNELL (b. 29 Feb 1850, d. 5 May 1900)
		Kathryn Julia SCHNELL (b. 1895, d. 1966)
			Julia BOGAN (d. 12 May 1906)
I know the most about my DAYTON line. My aunt Fran gave me a copy of the Ancestry of Daniel Humphrey DAYTON, which alludes to the original Ralph DAYTON who first came to America. Her paper was primarily the Descendants of Daniel Humphrey DAYTON, as excerpted from Descendants of Michael Dayton, by Lewis Scott Dayton.

I got further information from Nancy DAYTON, whom I met through the Mensa Singles Network. She had some papers that described the DAYTON family back through Robert de DEIGHTON, the truly original DAYTON.

I also now own my very own copy of The Early Daytons and Descendants of Henry, Jr., by Donald Lines Jacobus and Arthur Bliss Dayton.

I have also taken some information that came from my grandfather, Emil, and added some information I have learned from researching the Hutschenreuther line and created a separate page for this.

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