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American Radio Relay League Office of Emergency Services

Today's Events:

TODAY: Tune to 146.385 MHz - pl 127.3 from anywhere in Ventura County to find out if ARES or ACS is being activated!

Upcoming Events:

Local Amateur Radio Internet Sites, etc.:

Links To Other Sites

  1. Ham Callsign Lookup -- The QRZ CDROM
  2. California Earthquake Map (From USGS) or from Cal Tech
  3. Clickable WORLD Earthquake MAP!
  4. Latest EDIS (Emergency Digital Information Service) Messages
  5. California Emergency Management Agency
  6. American Red Cross
  7. CHP LA County / Ventura County Dispatch Center
  8. Ventura Traffic Map
  9. FEMA Home Page

  1. What is the Weather at Home? Well, at the K6NE personal weather station, you will see reports of Temperature, Rainfall, Barometric Pressure, High/Low Weather History, etc.!
    For a List of APRS Stations near K6NE click HERE

  2. Latest Doppler Weather maps severe weather warnings, rainy travel, and forecasts for various US cities; most are via the source of all reports, NOAA Weather or
  3. SPACE ARCHIVE - Brian Webb, KD6NRP - Vandenberg AFB Launch Schedule, Space, Astronomy, interesting links! You can also hear Brian's news stories on National Public Radio
  4. Upcoming VE (Volunteer Examiner) Sessions (Tests) - See the K6MEP Keyer, in which you can find out where you can get a New License or Upgrade Your License, in the Tri-Counties Area; Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo Counties. Usually VE Sessions are listed on page 6 or thereabouts!

  5. Sadly, old "Bird Brain" Sunny has hopped his last perch.   Please see this Memorial to my long time pal.
  6. Worried about the weather our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan are dealing with? Here is a report.
  7. The Quad Squad Home Page !!       QUAD SQUAD 
    You don't have to own a quad antenna to check in to our net !

  8. In memory of Our Dear Friend, Vern Baumgartner, W6HW

  9. Interested in APRS? Try The Delorme Tripmate GPS as an APRS Tracker.
    See LIVE APRS data from the internet!
  10. In case you are not yet aware, in 2000 Steve Gibson caught RealNetworks (RealPlayer) and others involved in the use of "Download Spyware". If you are at all concerned about Internet privacy and security, check Steve's report HERE for details. Also check ZoneLabs for info on their ZoneAlarm and other protection products!
  11. Simi Settlers ARC
  12. The site is a job search database for computer professionals - "".
  13. The Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association (CARMA)
  14. Confused about frequency allocations? Try this list!
  15. Ham Bands - Band Plans, etc.
  16. Ventura County Astronomical Society -- Star Parties! Comet Hunts!
  17. Bothered by pesky antenna covenants? Read what the ARRL has to say; at least you'll feel better informed!
  18. Alta Vista (absorbed by Yahoo!) a FAST Search Engine (Runs as if on a Cray!)
    Do you Yahoo ???
  19. A Web-controlled Shortwave Radio!! (Let me know how this works on YOUR system!)
    Located in Reston Virginia, USA, 60' Attic Loop Antenna
  20. FCC forms for Amateur Radio: 600, 610, plus many others for commercial radio, and so on. The FCC form 605 in PDF format can be downloaded and printed if necessary.
  21. NASA web site that shows real time data (location, speed, altitude, cabin pressure and temp, etc) from missions will be linked here as they occur!
  22. Hawaii - Lots of Interesting Weather Stuff at University of Hawaii
  23. The Dilbert Zone -- Yes, It's the Comic Strip!
  24. A Useful Ham Radio Callsign Server
  25. AT LAST! The National Weather Service, Oxnard, CA Has A Web Site!
  26. HRO -- Ham Radio Store Location and Information

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