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Ventura County, California

American Radio Relay League Office of Emergency Services

This page describes how to obtain and configure a standard Ventura County ARES Yellow Shirt Uniform. Our shirts have 4 patches, one on each sleeve and one over each front shirt pocket. The shirt sleeve patches are obtained from your Emergency Coordinator, or from Rick Tate, KQ6NO. See the list of Ventura County ARES Areas at http://www.rain.org/~jkrigbam/ares01.php for EC and AEC contacts. There is a Shirt Layout picture you should print out and take along when you order.  All patches must be sewn in place.  Patches are usually available from   Current prices are $5.65 for the pair of patches, that is, for the Ventura County ARES patch and the ARRL patch. This pricing is per KQ6NO, Nov. 2009.


(Probably the ONLY reliable source left, unfortunately)

ARES yellow shirts have not been available here in Ventura since Uniforms
Etc. closed, but I was recently able to successfully have 2 shirts made in
June 2000 to our specifications, or close enough.  This was thru the
Uniform Warehouse, 1243 Los Angeles Ave., Saticoy, phone (805) 659-1655,
 FAX # 647-2784.  
Frank is the proprietor, and is very willing to go the distance to get our
orders filled.  I'd recommend speaking directly with Frank for yellow ARES
shirts.  They now have our ARES breast patch artwork available, and can
embroider your name patch, and sew all patches on (you must supply them
with the ARRL and Ventura County ARES patches).  They can also sew on ARRL
patches on ball caps, jackets, etc. if that is to your liking.  

Be sure to print out this Shirt Layout picture and take it with you 
to confirm how the patches are to be placed when you order.

The sleeve patches must be obtained locally, not from shirt suppliers.  Get them
from your local Emergency Coordinator or 
DEC Rob Hanson W6RH
Approximately pricing is listed above.
The Ventura County patch is on the left sleeve, and the ARRL ARES
patch is on the right sleeve.

A sample of the finished shirt is pictured at


The sleeve patches are placed 1.5" below the shoulder seam on a long
sleeve shirt.  On a short sleeve shirt, center them between elbow
and shoulder.

73 de K6NE

Check Out My ARES Home Page: http://www.rain.org/~jkrigbam/ares01.php

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