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Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AEC) LISTED BELOW,
or call the ACS Voice Mail at (805) 654-2941
to leave a message and we will return your call.
Contact Ventura County Office of Emergency Services (OES): 805-654-2551
For Yellow Shirt Uniform information
click HERE. or contact

Welcome to the K6NE ACS/ARES Page

Ventura County, California

  Area 6 and 7 Net Script   (Please Sign Up - You Must be VC_Area_6 Yahoo group member to view files)
  Ventura County Net Script   (Please Sign Up - You Must be VC_ACS Yahoo group member to view files)

Calendar of Events

Recurring and Scheduled Events

Weekly ARES Nets

Ventura, Santa Paula, Fillmore and Piru, Area 6 and 7: Ours is a directed net, held on the WA6ZSN linked Repeaters at 1900 hours Pacific time every Tuesday, 146.385 Mhz, offset +600 Khz, P/L tone 127.3 Hz. All licensed operators are invited to check in. Linked repeaters are 224.100 - P/L 127.3 and 447.320 - P/L 100.
Guests: please wait for Net Control to ask for "Visitors and missed check-ins".

Click HERE for instructions to check in to our local nets.

Ventura County-Wide Net: At 1930 hours, tune to the WD6EBY Sulphur Mtn. repeater, 145.200 MHz - P/L 127.3 Hz.
Guests: please wait for Net Control to ask for "Visitors and missed check-ins".


ARES Leadership

ARRL Santa Barbara Section (SB)
Section Manager Jim Fortney, K6IYK

Santa Barbara Section Appointment Roster - Emergency Coordinators & AECs for entire SB Section.

Section Emergency Coordinator: Dave Gilmore, AA6VH

The County of Ventura is divided up into 8 ARES Areas. The Ventura County ARES Areas, by Area Number and leadership for each, are:     (more info)

ACS Radio Officer/ARRL District Emergency Coordinator:
  Rob Hansen, W6RH  Email: 

Assistant ACS Radio Officers/ARES Assistant District Emergency Coordinator:
  Rick Tate, KQ6NO  Email: 

  1. Simi Valley: Steve King, KE6WEZ  Area 1 Emergency Coordinator,

  2. Thousand Oaks: Zak Cohen N6PK Emergency Coordinator,
    Area 2 ACS Web Page

  3. Camarillo: Emergency Coordinator, Ted Lansing, KI6PTX, EMail:
    Noel Van Slyke, K6NVS, Assistant Emergency Coordinator,

  4. Oxnard, Port Hueneme, and Point Mugu: Emergency Coordinator: Stewart Stone, KG6BOV,
    Assistant EC Quentin Riggs KF6FQN, e-mail to:

  5. Ojai: Wayne Francis, W6OEU, Emergency Coordinator,

  6. Ventura: Grant Mohr, KG6SFW, Emergency Coordinator, Acting
    Contact AEC: Joe, K6NE
    Packet: Leave a message at K6NE-5 on 145.050 Mhz.
    APRS: Send a message on 144.390 to K6NE
    Contacts for Area 6 - Contact K6NE for access.

  7. Santa Paula, Fillmore, Piru: Grant Mohr, KG6SFW, Emergency Coordinator,
    Assistant Emergency Coordinator: Stuart Fox, K6MQA

  8. Moorpark: Marc Hanley, KM6B, Emergency Coordinator,

Members and visitors, if you have NOT checked in to a local net for Areas 1 thru 8, please check in to the Ventura County ACS/ARES Net following the poll of each of the 8 areas, upon invitation by Net Control. Check in with your CALL SIGN, ACS ID# (if any), and ANNOUNCEMENT or TRAFFIC LISTING (if any). Click Here for the Ventura County Net Script.

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