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                      Delorme Tripmate APRS Tracker

Here is a posibility for a cable arangement for a Delorme Tripmate GPS
tracker for use on APRS, Automatic Position Reporting System.  The most
used frequency in Southern California has been changed.  It is 144.39 Mhz.  
An amateur radio license is required for use on this band, but there are
myriad other possible applications.

One issue with the Tripmate is that it will not self-start unless it gets
the "ASTRAL" string from somewhere.  Well, it turns out that it sends that
very string out, so I wired the Tripmate input to it's output.  That
problem is solved.

Another issue was power.  Some hams perfer to wire up a 5 volt regulator
to supply power to the Tripmate.  The Delorme solution is to sell you a
cable with the regulator built in, which is shown here.  You can find
other FAQs elsewhere describing the home brew regulator. 

The Tripmate requires DTR without which it will remain in a sort of "sleep
state".  DTR is provided to keep it awake by jumpering 4-5 on the DB-25
and crossing that signal to the DTR pin, 4 on the Tripmate. 

So here is what I actually have, bearing in mind that the DB-9 below
connects to the Delorme combo signal/power cable. 

73 es Gud Tracking
de Joe K6NE


      KPC-3                   Tripmate
      DB-25                   DB-9

      TX  2  ----------|-- 2  RX
                       |-- 3  TX

      RTS 4 --|----------- 4  DTR
      CTS 5 --|

      GND 7 -------------- 5  GND

So here is the system diagram:

   V                         "SPECIAL ASYNC CABLE"
   |  Antenna                            |           12 Volts DC
   |                                     |                 |
   |                                     v                 v
   ---- Transceiver --- KPC-3 --- DB-25 --- DB-9 --- Delorme Cable ---|
                                          Delorme Tripmate GPS RX ----|

This file is best viewed in Courier font.

Pin 6, DSR, on a KPC-3 is internally connected to pin 20, DTR.  Install 
KPC-3 internal jumper J12 if you prefer to drive Tripmate pin 4, DTR, from
KPC-3 pin 6.

Other FAQ info is available at:

And of course:

The Delorme Web - For Delorme product info and so forth

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