Karpeles Manuscript Library Exhibit
Charleston, South Carolina

January 6, 2016 to April 28, 2016


Charles Dickens and the Kyd

Featuring a selection of Dickens' Manuscripts, Contracts, Illustrations and even some original printing plates for illustrations of his stories.

One of the best known of the illustrators of Dickens' characters is Joseph Clayton Clarke otherwise known as Kyd. From the 1920s Clarke earned his living from watercolor sketches, mainly of Dickens' characters, which he sold to and through the London book trade.

"As a character 'Kyd' emulated those of Dickens and his own illustrations - slightly larger than life. In his style and dress he was mildly flamboyant for the period. He seldom varied his attire from a grey suit, spats, homburg hat, gloves and was never without a carnation or substitute flower in his button hole."

In 1910 the British Museum acquired a collection of 598 drawings and paintings of Clarkes's Dickens illustrations, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, Charles Dickens Museum, The Karpeles Manuscript Library and the University of Texas at Austin each also have significant collections of Clarke's Dickens illustrations.

Six of his illustrations were issued as stamps by the Royal Mail in 2012 to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens.

Our  exhibit includes some of the most important Kyd illustrations:

Oliver Twist Oliver "more"

Oliver Twist Artful Dodger

Oliver Twist Fagin

David Copperfield

Tale of Two Cities

A Christmas Carol Scrooge

A Christmas Carol Marley's Ghost

A Christmas Carol Bob Cratchett