The Intolerable Acts Exhibit

Karpeles Manuscript Library

Charleston, So. Carolina

September 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014

The French and Indian War the British Government cost the British Government a huge amount of money. Many people in England, heavily taxed for the cost of defense of the American Colonists, felt that the American Colonies should pay for their own defense, at least in part. But, the colonies were being asked to pay such taxes without any representation in the British government.

Several Acts were passed to solve this difficulty. In particular, the Stamp Act, The Declaratory Act, The Quartering act, The Navigation Acts and the Slave Import Acts. These were not referred to as the Intolerable Acts but lead to such those acts.

Some years later, a tax was placed upon "tea". The colonists refused to accept the delivery of the "tea". This eventually led to the Boston Tea Party. In retaliation to the colonies refusal to accept the "tea" with it's new tax, the British passed several punitive acts aimed at bringing the colonies back into submission of the King. Although these punitive acts were technically referred to as the Intolerable Acts, any discussion always refers to the earlier Acts. These earlier Acts should also be referred to as part of the Intolerable Acts and this exhibit takes the liberty of doing so. It is these earlier Acts that is the subject of this Exhibit.