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April 26,  2018  to  July 25,  2018


The Atomic Bomb


How the Japanese Press Reported the Atomic Blast:

The first reports hid the horror of the weapon from the public.

japanese home service radio (kon 630 kcs),  6:00 am tuesday 8/7/1941:

´┐ŻA small number of B-twenty-nines penetrated into Hiroshima city a little after eight am yesterday morning and dropped a small number of bombs.  As a result a considerable number of homes were reduced to ashes and fires broke out in various parts of the city. To this new type of bomb are attached parachutes, and it appears as if these new bombs exploded in the air.  investigations are now being made with regard to the effectiveness of this bomb, which should not be regarded as slight.

The enemy has exposed his cold bloodedness and atrocious nature more and more in killing innocent people by the use of this new-type bomb.  it is believed that the enemy, being faced with difficult conditions is feeling rushed to turn the war into one of short duration.  Hence he has begun to use this type of bomb. The use of this new type of bomb by the enemy in the future can be expected.  As for measures to cope with this bomb, it is anticipated that they will be disclosed as soon as possible.  Until these measures are disclosed by government authorities, it is necessary for the general public to strengthen the present air defense system. as frequently pointed out in the past, the people must watch themselves against underrating the enemy simply because he has carried out raids with a small number of planes. The enemy has been carrying out large-scale propaganda on the effectiveness of this new-type bomb since using these bombs, but as long as we formulate strong steel-like measures to cope with this type of bomb, it will be possible to keep the damage at a minimum. We must be careful at all times so that we will not fall victim to the enemy's machinations.

In our exhibit, the crew reports on every aspect of the mission, including the navigator's minute by minute log and a description of the bomb's components and how it works. The test officer on the flight also participated in the development of the bomb at Los Alamos, Utah

The Final display is the Japanese Emperor's (Hirohito) Proclamation accepting the terms of the surrender.