Columbus description


The "Lettera Rarissima" is Columbus' Report and published text of his letter describing His Last Voyage of Discovery to The New World in the year 1502-3 .
Only one printed contemporary copy (in the Marciana Library in Venice) and one handwritten contemporary copy (in the Karpeles Manuscript Library) survive.
In this letter, Columbus describes, for the first time, the mainland coasts of the his prior 3 visits reached only outlying islands. He concludes with confidence that he has, at last, reached the Indies China is clearly the next kingdom down the coast.
Contrary to bright and cheery descriptions of the lush landscapes and the abundant fruit as described in "The Columbus Letter", the "Lettera Rarissima" tells of difficulties, disasters and storms....reflecting the disappointment of Columbus in not getting proper recognition and rewards for his momentous discoveries. The name "Lettera Rarissima" is used in history books to describe this letter as only two copies survive.

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