January 1-March 30, 2001

The Original Design and Concept Sketches


Star Trek

The Next Generation

By lead designer Andrew Probert

Andrew Probert was first hired by Gene Roddenbery in 1978.However, not until 1986, when Roddenbery was preparing to launch a new show, entitled ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation," did he call upon Probert to take a lead design role. Everything had to be rethought, imagined, planned and redesigned. As the vision evolved in the designers’ minds, the evolution was charted in successive sketches and paintings, many of which in elaborate and perfect detail are shown in this exhibit. They are unique, one-of-a-kind originals. Many are identified as to specific episodes.


Roddenbery had a tremendous amount of respect for Andrew Probert as demonstrated by his endorsement of the ship’s original dedication plaque mounted on the new bridge wall. That plaque contained only two names, his own and Andrew’s, though it has now grown, in Gene’s absence, to include some 20 others.

Many of these sketches and designs are so well planned and thought out, that there is a place in the ‘real’ world where thev have come to matter. (See the hypospray and the Palm Pilot). In fact, Andrew Probert is currently collaborating with a private company, developing spacecraft docking systems for the US Air Force. A space suit that Pobert designed, incorporated a helmet integrated into the life support back pack, is now the current design direction of the next generation NASA spacesuits.

Among Andrew’s creations, in addition to the new Enterprise Spaceship and many of its interiors including the bridge, are many other featured spacecraft. The Ferengi cruiser, and even the Ferengi people are a Probert design (in case you were wondering who was responsible for them).

A number of these concept sketches and paintings have been seen in prominent Science Fiction publications