Sept 6, 2018 to Jan 2, 2019
Samuel F. B. Morse
Inventor of the First Efficient Telegraph
in the year 1843
The Birth of the World's First Long Distance Communication System
Morse was not a scientist, but a painter (artist) who had heard people discuss experiments in electricity. He had also heard of experiments in building telegraphs! That's right, someone had already invented a telegraph, but not efficient enough to make it popular.
Morse decided to study what others had done and combine their efforts with the new experiments in electricity that had been reported. He even convinced the United States Government to pay for his work. He finally built a telegraph line between Baltimore and Washington DC. The first message that he sent was recorded on the tape shown here. The message read:
" What Hath God Wrought? "
Here Morse writes out that famous message IN MORSE CODE!!
See: http://www.ekarpeles.com/morsecode.html