Current Exhibit

Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum Jacksonville

January 1 -March 30, 2001


Who invented the Airplane?

Who invented the Telephone?

Who provided us with the Electric Light?

Most of us know the answer to these questions. So why don't we know the answer to these:

Who discovered a cure for Diphtheria?

Who discovered Vitamins?

Who discovered Penicillin?

Our present inspirational exhibit recognizes the contributions of great individuals in medicine whose contribution to society has been taken for granted. This exhibit provides significant primary documentation of scientific breakthroughs, pages from laboratory note books and letters of individuals who have extended and improved the quality of our lives.

You will also see original manuscripts by Royal Physician William Harvey who discovered the circulation of blood in 1628; Benjamin Franklin who founded America's first incorporated hospital; Clara Barton's announcement of the formation of the Red Cross; a letter from Francis Crick, discoverer of the function of DNA; Louis Pasteur on Rabies; Edward Jenner on vaccines and much more.