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Date: 06/27/99

What A Day!

    One of the first to ride was Christina Duran, who has been fighting both ovarian cancer and leukemia. But she has some experience with horses, shesaid. "I've been to Camp Ronald McDonald [for cancer patients.] Sometimes for three days, a week, several weeks. We ride horses into the mountains and camp," she said. Keith McKenna lives in Camarillo with his parents and two brothers. He said he has a favorite horse at Camp Ronald McDonald, a black and white stallion named Picasso. Hector Figueroa, 17, of Ventura is battling a disease that has kept his bones from growing. He spent most of his time Saturday taking photographs and hanging out with his brother and sister. And Tasha Dixon of Ventura went horseback riding. After dismounting, she walked toward her mom, but she was tired. Despite her chronic pain, she still managed to put on a colorful T-shirt that said she was a survivor.
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