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California Fatherhood Network

The California Fatherhood Network consists of private, non-profit community-based programs dedicated to improving the lives of children through strengthening parenting capabilities of their fathers and mothers. It was created in August 1995 to exchange information about Fatherhood Development.

Network members have been trained in the "Fatherhood Development, A Curriculum for Young Fathers" prepared by Public/Private Ventures, Philadelphia, PA. Each member has their own local perspective on the problems of absent or inadequate fathering, but all have common goals for their students:

Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers (copyright © 1995 by Public/Private Ventures - all rights reserved) is a primary instructional source for teaching young men responsible fatherhood. Further information about the curriculum can be obtained from Public/Private Ventures, One Commerce Square, 2005 Market Street, Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 191103 - (215) 557-4400 - Fax (215) 557-4469.

Experience with the curriculum and related father involvement programming topics can be found in reports from the following members whose projects are listed below.

Fatherhood Network Project Sites

Internet Fatherhood Resources: A list of pointers

For more information about the network contact Jerome Evans, Ph.D., email: 71643.3277@compuserve.com