Building Tomorrows

Building Tomorrows:

A Public Service Partnership to Support Responsible Fatherhood

Building Tomorrows is a partnership of government service, education, private, and non-profit community-based organizations. With 1995 summer funding from Public Social Service Agency's Family Preservation and Support Plan, the Building Tomorrows program is demonstrating a new community of resources for economically disadvantaged young mothers. The partnership assists noncustodial fathers in realizing their potential for giving constructive material and personal support to their children.

Tomorrows invites your call to arrange referral of a young father who, with expert, concerned individual and group education, will make a valuable contribution in the life of a daughter or son. 24-hour voice mail is available at: (805) 652-5799

The Crisis of Single Parenting in California

Most economically disadvantaged teenaged and young mothers are single parents. In California 70 percent of teen mothers are unmarried. Nonmarital births to unmarried women of all ages have risen dramatically, now approaching half of all births in the state.

Economic Stress and Single Parenting

Economic stress makes single parent, female-headed families particularly vulnerable to child neglect and abuse. Its negative effect is even more pronounced when the mother is an adolescent. Poverty by itself does not cause below standard parenting. Economic stress makes her more vulnerable to being overwhelmed by other problems in conditions of inadequate social support.

Existing Programs Ignore Noncustodial Fathers

Nearly all single mothers love their children and want safe, healthy, nurturing childhood that prepare them for productive adult lives. They benefit from programs for pregnant and parenting teens and separated or divorced mothers. These same programs often overlook an invaluable potential resource in the child's father.

Building Tomorrows Advocates for Strong Father-Child Relationships

Building Tomorrows reverses these trends with two initiatives--

Advocating for fathers in county and private social and health programs, and directly promoting responsible fatherhood that focuses their constructive energy on supporting and preserving a sound family life for children.

Promoting Health, Family Integrity, and Parental Responsibility for the Children of Young Adult Mothers and Fathers


The Landon Pediatric Foundation supports development of the Building Tomorrows program, along with the following partners:

Ventura County District Attorney, Child Support Division
Sheridan Way Elementary School,
Healthy Start Program
Ventura County Public Health Services
Child Abuse & Neglect
West Ventura Clinic
Superior and Municipal Courts
Planned Parenthood
Public Social Services Agency

Coalition services supplement California's Paternity Opportunity Program in which, at the time of a baby's birth, hospitals educate unmarried parents on the advantages of making a voluntary declaration of paternity.

Following screening by the Child Support Division liaison, volunteering mothers and fathers from the West Ventura Area participate in mediation and conflict resolution sessions. Fathers attend "Parenting Opportunity Classes" that nurture parenting identities and child care skills. Mothers have support counseling. Parents are linked at the educational site with other needed services. The project gives feedback to agencies to improve accessibility to fathers and promote their responsible parenting.


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  • Building Tomorrows:

    A Public Service Partnership to Support Responsible Fatherhood and Preserve Strong Families for Children

    Interested individuals or organizations may obtain more information by contacting:

    The Landon Pediatric Foundation
    3400 Loma Vista Road, Suite 1
    Ventura, CA 93003
    Voice Mail: (805) 652-5799
    Fax: 650-6384

    or post e-mail to Project Director Jerome Evans, ph.D.

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