Watching Streaming Media

Looking good on camera has become more important in every day videoconferencing life.Go here for some basic tips

  To watch streaming video and audio on your computer, you need to download a media player to your hard drive. Downloading these players is  free. RealPlayer G2  and Microsoft Windows Media Player  are the most often used media players. Here is a brief list of information you should know in advance before you download the player.

    1.Your operating system (OS) (such as Windows 95, Windows NT, or Mac OS).
    2.Your CPU (such as Pentium, 486, or Macintosh Power PC).
    3.Your Internet connection (such as 28.8/bps modem, T1, ISDN).
    4.Your e-mail address.
    5.When prompted, choose Save to Disk and specify the directory (such as C:\My Documents) where you want the installation program to be saved on your hard drive.
    6.Locate and launch the file you downloaded by exploring your hard drive or  choosing the Run option in the Start menu. (The file is where your Web browser saved it.) This will begin the setup process.
                                                                 Download the RealPlayer  G2 or
                                                                      Windows Media Player.

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