Let's Have A Cup of Coffee  And Talk About It

In order to familiarize our consultants and colleagues with the Virtual Pediatric Diagnostic Center, we will hold a series of get acquainted sessions . Bring your short cases, questions, or just your smile. The consultants will put time aside at the beginning or end of clinic to meet with you and your staff.
Please call 805-289-3336 to let us know you are coming!

Chris Landon M.D.

Afternoons of October 18,21, and 25 for Allergy and Pulmonary questions.
Asthma Telemeducation Lecture November 18 1-3 PM .

Naomi Neufeld M.D.

Morning and afternoon October 19 for questions about  KidShape program and endocrine problems

Fred Leong M.D.

October 26 in the morning for questions about murmurs, arrhythmias, and sports participation.

William Goldie M.D.

October 19,20,22,26,27, 29 in the afternoon for review of indications for consulting for common neurologic problems.

Cathy Sever M.D.

October 20 and 27 in the afternoon for review of Type I and Type II diabetes management problems in children.

Janet Emery M.D.

October 19 and 26 in the afternoon for review of follow up for the high risk infant.

Paul Rehder M.D.

October 28 in the afternoon for review of common dermatologic problems in children.

William Starr M.D.

October 22 in the afternoon for review of management of the child with Cleft Lip and Palate. Discuss cases with the team of nurse specialists, social workers, prosthodontists, speech pathologists, pediatric consultants, and plastic surgeons. Stay online and participate in the team management discussions at the end of clinic. Join the team in the Honduras October 28 through November 8 as we establish our telemedicine connection!

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