"Please thank Roger and Nanette Keller. Thanks to their driver bringing the small piece of equipment hundreds of Hondurans will see again."


November 2nd, 1999: After taking Dr. Starr and Dr. MacClean to the Hospital, Dr. Housholder went and got in a meeting with all the staff of the Hospital's eye clinic. Seem he was asked to share about the PHACO with them all. He was pleased. Then I took him to the airport to pick-up the package that you sent by TACA Airlines. A great way to send it fast, we got it and only had to pay 200 Lempiras ($14) to get it out of customs, a miracle. It took till about noon before we got back to the hospital and Dr. Householder couldn't do any surgery.
The night before, Dr. Starr had his last patient at 7:00 p.m. and small patient wouldn't stop bleeding, he had to take him back in the operating room to stop the bleeding. Really didn't bleed much, but he had to stop it. He ended up calling us at about 9:30 p.m. happy as a clam to have worked all day.

Dr. MacClean has found a friend in Dr. Chinchilla, the orthopedic surgeon setting him up in the Hospital and doing surgery with him all week. They are out eating and talking till late hours.
November 3rd, 1999: This morning picking up the Doctors, Dr. Householder asked me if I thought anything had dropped out of the box while we were in the airport customs office. Oh, no, I thought, he was missing a needle he couldn't do anything without. Instead. he went to the Hospital with these huge grape to teach how to peel an eye or something. Later this day, he called to say that he had what he needed for surgery, and would be operating all day tomorrow, Thursday.'
Dr. Starr had to be in the Hospital at 7:00 a.m. sharp, he had many surgeries to do today, because one was cancelled yesterday and added on for today. He's in his heaven. And eating with the Naranjo Family, Dr. Naranjo the chief of Rehabilitation, that we had in Ventura to study TeleMedicine, and rehabilitation methods in St. John's in Oxnard.

Dr. MacClean looked at some more patients to operate on with Dr. Manuel Chinchilla, seems they were not getting the surgery time they really wanted, but he's working in some very complicated cases.
And good news for you, Chris, we installed the softare of WindTV on the computer in Dr. Naranjo's office in the Rehabilitation dept. of Hospital San Felipe. His computer only has 16 MB of Ram (we'll try to change that later), and worse is only 120 MHZ. Didn't have time to get the camera to show an image, but we are trying. At this time we are concerned that if we donate this equipment the hospital authorities will want to take it from Rehab. and put it somewhere else, so we are writing a letter saying it is lent form Reid and Rita Mayta, and is to only be used in the Rehabilitation Dept. for the Cleft-lip and Palate and Orthopedic clinics. Later we will expand to
other departments. Anyway we have started and Dr. Naranjo said he has contacted you by Electronic mail from that same computer.
Thanks again for you help and concern,
Reid and Rita Mayta

Landon Pediatric Foundation
3400 Loma Vista Road, Suite 1
Ventura, CA 93003