Pediatric Diagnostic Center

  1. "We provide medical care, and access to it, to the people of Ventura County, especially those otherwise denied that care, and we promote medical education." is how Samuel Edwards MD, Hospital Administrator drew the essence from a rather lengthy mission statement for the Ventura County Medical Center. The Landon Pediatric Foundation continues to provide those services under contract to the Ventura County Health Care Agency and has come a long way over the last ten years. Unique at the time, a public private partnership was constructed that allowed services to expand from a two room clinic in the hospital to the current Pediatric Diagnostic Center. Starting with a General Pediatrics clinic, monthly Pediatric Cardiology Clinic, monthly Oncology Clinic, and  quarterly Pediatric Neurology Clinic, the Pediatric Diagnostic Center has expanded to provide over 12,000 visits per year in 22 specialty clinics. The Pediatric Diagnostic Center is overseen by Janet Emery MD, a former neonatologist and neonatal heart lung transplant specialist converted back to General Pediatrics - Pediatric Diagnostic Center style! Between visits from the visiting professors  in hematology, oncology, nephrology,  and endocrinology the patients are seen by Dr. Emery and the Pediatric Faculty. Dr. Emery and the Pediatric Faculty oversee the education of the Family Practice residents from Ventura County Medical Center. The Pediatric Faculty include Dr. Robert Levin, pediatric infectious disease specialist and Director of Public Health and Children's Medical Services for Ventura County, Dr. Michelle Laba, Medical Director of the Mandalay Bay Children's Center, Dr. Paul Russell, former full time faculty and now Chief Pediatric Consultant for Blue Cross, and Dr. Chris Landon, pediatric pulmonologist and Director of Pediatrics at Ventura County Medical Center. Referrals to the Pediatric Diagnostic Center are made through the patient's primary care pediatrician or family practice physician. This allows all the records to be collected and insurance authorization obtained prior to the visit. No child is denied access to our specialists and most of the time we can help the patient and family find a source of payment.