Gang Tattoo Removal 

  1. It all started with (now Board member)Supervisor Frank Schillo and a visit to Chuck Muncie at the Port Hueneme Boys and Girls Club. It was clear to Chuck that kids willing to give up the gangs were marked for life with tattoos preventing them from getting jobs and moving on. With support from Supervisor Schillo, the Helping Hand Foundation, Landon Pediatric Foundation, and District Attorney Michael Bradbury the program was initiated with a very important "twist" - community service! In exchange for 40 hours of community service a pass with a laser removing tattoo removal machine was completed. Very satisfying for initial volunteer dermatologist and Pediatric Faculty member Dr. Paul Rehder and Dr. Robert Jordan to know that each hour of his service was multiplied out in the community. From this initial step the Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation was "incubated" by the Landon Pediatric Foundation,  a "permanent loan" tattoo laser machine was donated by the Sheriff's Department, and the project is now co-supported by the Lawrence P. Frank Foundation..
  2. The clinics and registration are held in Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura. Call 805-641-4490 Kay Urban for a referral to the site in your area.