1. Kid Shape In January of 1998 in Diabetes Care the results of five years of terrifying research were published by Pediatric Faculty members Dr. Naomi Neufeld, Professor Pediatrics at UCLA, and Dr. Chris Landon. "Ventura Diabetes" was the only phrase that could be used to describe an "epidemic" of weight related Type II diabetes normally only seen in overweight adults. Through the efforts of Pediatric Faculty member Dr. Paul Russell, arrangements were made to expand a program Dr. Neufeld had founded - KidShape. Access to this family centered program on the basics of diet and exercise had not previously been available to patients in Ventura County and through the efforts of Dr. Russell access was also made available for patients with MediCal. To contact the Pediatric Diagnostic Center for more information or to refer a child and their family to this program call 805-641-4490.