Landon Pediatric Foundation Events

  • Saturday Immunization Outreach First Saturdays Mandalay Bay Children's Center 
  • Teen Impact Second and  Third Wednesday Support for families and living with cancer.
  • KidShape Saturdays a comprehensive program to help children and families living with obesity
  • Christmas Party December 15 150 children with chronic illnesses get the very best start from the United States Marine Corps,Toys For Tots, and the Lions Club
  • Christmas Wrapping Party December 14 A fun event as we wrap all those presents!
  • Tattoo Removal Clinic Third Saturday  Registration and Tattoo removal with our generous community volunteers and the support of the Lawrence P. Frank Foundation.

If you are interested in sponsoring a scholar, a camper, or donating to the Endowment Fund please contact Kay Urban at 805-641-4490
We  work hard to bring medical services to chronically ill children but the most important part of our care for these children has to be their quality of life. We have worked very hard to bring the best specialists to our community, to provide hospitalization and chemotherapy in their community, and to provide camps and other recreational activities for children and their families.
Your donation will allow a child a break from treatment, an opportunity to keep up with their homework, or a distraction from chemotherapy. Your gift will be used to entertain and educate but most importantly will be received as it is given - from heart to heart.