Dan's Room Update

Dan's Room is a project in our son's memory. Dan spent most of his last two years in his room, hooked up to medical machinery. His "life" on the computer sustained him and gave him UNBELIEVABLE joy! We want to give other terminally/chronically-sick kids the joy that Dan knew via computers. Our motto is: "Dan's Room - A Window to the World."

(Dan's Mom)

Update Aug 28, 1998, Re: The Donors:

Dr. Landon is helping put the resources of his Foundation and the Ventura County Medical Center at our disposal. Our first Dan's Room computer was purchased from All City Computers in Camarillo with money donated by friends and family in memory of Dan. Rick Hunnecutt, president of All City, is really behind our Dan's Room Project.He is giving us a GREAT discount on our computers and wants to continue to be a part of our efforts.Our second computer (which is currently being mounted to a hospital tray/table at ComputerFocus,Oxnard) was purchased from All City Computers for Dan's Room by Wilsey Bennett Company/Air Fresh Trucking. They are a nationwide floral transportation company headquartered in Oxnard. We have a commitment for another computer from Ojai Valley Women's Club, which has chosen Dan's Room as their charity project for this year. Also, Golden Express, a manufacturer of advertising materials, located in Oxnard, is donating 150 "Dan's Room" mousepads.We're working on the mousepad design with them now.

Recent Correspondence:

>.I'm just stoppin by to say "hello." Really,I don't wanna >seem stupid but Dr. L said we should "chat" so that's why I'm writing. We >did a bbq @ Dr. L's for the CF kids a few weeks ago--we own Knapp's BBQ >Catering--a weekend "job" for us.We have a huge Santa Maria style pit and >my husband is an awesome SMaria style bbqer.We hope to work w/Dr. L again >f/other "sick" kids. We are mostly involved w/Dan's Room: a project in our >son's memory.Dan spent most of his time ove the past 2 yrs in his room, >hooked up to machinery.His "life" on the computer sustained him and gave >him UNBELIEVABLE >joy! We want to give other terminally/chronically-sick kids the joy that >Dan knew via computers.

We have recd two AWESOME >computers via donations w/help fr All City Computers.One is w/Dulce Magana, >a wonderful 14-year-old w/bone/lung cancer.She emails us every day now and >is SO Happy.Our plan is to use that computer as a Mobile/loaner to go to >really sick kids at home.We also have a second one being "mounted" to a >hospital tray/table for VCMC!That should be ready in a couple of weeks. >We're writing a program specifically for the kids in hospital with animated >menus (hot buttons or hyperlinks) based on age. The program will "evolve" >over the first few months as we see what the kids like/need.

In conjunction >w/that, we are working on creating an actual ROOM at VCMC for two or three >addl computers with printers etc that might also serve as a good size >activity room for crafts etc for the kids. Ona the reasons we're doin this: >Danny spent alota time in VCMC and HATED it there cuz they really have no >structured activities for kids like the hospitals up north have.Being HAPPY >helps you get better faster, right? SO,we wanna make the kids as happy as >they can be under the circumstances.

Anyway, that's about it.If there's any >way we can assist you with the camps (do you do several for different kids >or ...?)please let us know.Conversely, ifyou are a programmer wizard,call >me--we need more programming brains for our project too...!Thanks again for >the info and let's keep in touch.Excuse the crummy spelling n stuff,I type >fast and gotta go to work..see ya!

>Love, Cathie

P.S. Ojai Val Womens' Club is gonna be buying us our 3rd >computer for Dan's Room!!!

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