Neonatal/Perinatal Outreach Group

The Neonatal/Perinatal Outreach Group (NPOG) of Ventura County is an organization of health professionals interested in improving the standards of neonatal and perinatal care in this region. The group meets monthly on the fourth Thursday to organize activities, some of which are summarized below by Tony Dajnowicz MD, coordinator of Perinatal Outreach. For more information on services provided or for inquiries about joining the group please call Dr. Dajnowicz at (805) 652-6093 or post e-mail to Chris Landon MD, Director of the Landon Pediatric Foundation:

Neonatal Resuscitation Course

The Neonatal Resuscitation Provider Course is taught through NPOG at local hospitals throughout the year. The course provides for certification or recertification and continuing education credits. It consists of a two hour didactic session and a two hour practice and testing session.

Neonatology Basics for Nurses

Practical sessions including Neonatal resuscitation, starting and maintaining iv lines and monitors, and basic blood gas and xray interpretation were held.

Advanced Neonatal Nursing Course

Topics covered include complications of prematurity and neonatal care, the management of the chronically ill and surgical newborn patient, and apnea monitoring. Practical sessions include newer forms of ventilation, nutritional concepts, pain and anxiety control, and developmental stimulation.

Transport Handbook

This refence guide is published to provide the practitioner with quick guidelines in the management of sick newborns.

Newsletter (Special Delivery)

A quarterly newsletter is published by the Outreach Group to maintain communication with referring hospitals. Included is a calendar of upcoming events, explanation of services provided, and educational information on new aspects of neonatal care.

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