• Disability Resources
    This is a great collection of disability resources. Every sort of physical, mental and emotional resource is available.

  • Special Olympics International
    This is the homepage for Special Olympics International. Founded in 1963 by Eunice Shriver, this program has provided enjoyment and fulfillment to retarded people all over the world.

  • Administration site on aging.
    Excellent resource for information on government and non-government services for the aging.

  • AARP Home Page
    Site for advocacy organization for seniors and retired people. Seems all-inclusive.

  • Biofeedback Without Drugs
    Retraining the brain to function better. Helpful with neurologically-based handicaps.

  • Braille Institute Home Page
    Dedicated to enabling children and adults who are legally blind to regain their independence and self-esteem through adjustment training, counseling, and public education.

  • IRSC Home Page
    Reference materials and links to educate people about deafness.

  • Deaf World Web
    Deaf World Web is the largest and leading deaf Web site, providing a comprehensive deaf-related resource on the Internet.

  • Disability Net
    Disability Net is a great site for people with all kinds of handicaps. You can access information on travel, sell your wheelchair, or look for work. There's even a soap box where you can air your complaints and be comforted by others.

Contributed to the MedMall by student web authors Julie Evered and Kathy Slyke.