Health-links for world-travelers

(you need them because the world is a sick place)

  Shoreland's Travel Health Online

Terrific site! At Shoreland's you can research health risks associated with each country of the world, you can view a complete list of health dangers facing travelers, and you can even locate a medical facility near you which will provide you with all the vaccinations you need before you don that backpack and jump into the Amazon jungle (or any other exotic place you wish to travel). This is a very well designed site, easy to navigate and bound to provide you with all the information you need before traveling abroad.

  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Travelers' Health

While the design may leave room for quite a few improvements, this site will not be beat when it comes to the timeliness of the information provided. All disease outbreaks in all the parts of the world are covered in depth. A definite must visitbefore venturing out into the world.

  International Travelers' Clinic

Here you can find an in-depth description of ailments awaiting you in far-off lands. This site is not searchable by country, but it is a nice compliment to Shoreland's Health On-line. Once you know what health dangers lurk in a country that you will be visiting, come here for an in-depth description what they really are.

  Travel Warnings from the U.S.State Department

For those who consider staying aliveas one of the more important factors in staying healthy, this site offers information on safety, crime, and other dangers awaiting international travelers. This site is searchable by country.

  CIA - country information

Similarly to Travel Warnings,CIA's page offers a bundle of safety tips, conveniently searchable by country.

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