Screening for Skin Cancer
From the National Cancer Institute. A brief overview of skin cancer with screening and an 800 number with a trained informaiton specialist to talk to and answer your questions. Good for basic information.

American Academy of Dematology
This site has current "In the News" information, tips on finding a dermatologist, professional information regarding the Academy and a "Members Only" section. A couple of Quicktime movies are included to round out the message. This site includes all types of skin problems and is not dedicated to skin cancer exclusively, but it does have some interesting information and should be looked at as a source of current information.

Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer
This one is called the "Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer, The Skin Cancer Page. With a title like that, it has a lot to live up to. And I like this site. Very well organized and chock full of information. There are links for general information and links for health professionals. Within it's own site are separate areas for patients and professionals, diseases, countries, treatments, organizations, centers, and caregivers. Each of these contain a wealth of information. If you only want to go to one site.... go here.

Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer
This one is called the "Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer." This is mostly a page of links. There are 55 Skin Cancer links and overall pages that claim to contain 2,670 links to cancer related resources on the internet. There are also areas for patients, professionals, and researchers.

Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network
This is an excellent site, well organized and full of information. Separate sections on Statistics of Skin Cancer, Causes of Skin Cancer, Ultraviolet Radiation, Precancerous Skin Conditions, Looking for Signs and Symptoms, How a Diagnosis is made, Treatments for Skin Cancer, Expected Survival Times, How to help guard against Skin Cancer, and other online resources. There are also descriptions of the various types of skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. This is a great site for information.

Jefferson Health System Site Map
This site is mostly contains information about Jefferson Health System, Programs and Services, Physician and appointment information and skin cancer in the news at Jefferson. But it also has basic information on types and prevention, protection and treatments for skin cancer as well as other online resources that contain links to other sites.

American Cancer Society
This is the skin cancer section of the American Cancer Society's web site. It has all the common information and is the definitive information from the largest cancer organiztion in the world.

Articles and Frequently Asked Questions.
This one has links with ratings ! Four apples is the top rating for the sites that it links to. There are also unreviewed sites and articles and FAQ's. This one is only articles and FAQ's. Pretty limited as far as your basic information is concerned.

American Society For Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS)
More of a fact sheet for some basic information on the different types of skin cancer. Very brief and more of a listing of terms with an 800 number and links to the home page of the American Society For Dermatologic Surgery.

An Introduction to Skin Cancer.
Another good page of information with topics such as "What causes Skin Cancer", "What is Skin Cancer", "How can I determine my personal risk?", "The UV Index", Diagnosis and Treatment Information", "A Glossary of Terms", and "Additional Information". There are also links to various sites for more information.

Skin and Cancer Foundation.
A site from the skin cancer capital of the world... Australia. This is an area of the Skin and Cancer Foundation and is intended for dermatologists and is password protected. If interested, it is easy to get a password to access the information. There are also areas for the general public and other health professionals that deal with all types of skin problems. Includes the "Nine Skin Rules

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