Youth Services

1. Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children Program National Mental Health Services Knowledge Exchange Network's Home Page. Includes: News & Announcements, Publications Databases, Children's Campaign, Managed Care, Consumer Information, CMHS programs, Links, & info About KEN

2. San Luis Obispo's Children's Services NetworkIn California, their Goals are to: improve communication, planning, coordination and cooperation among the children and youth-serving agencies in the local area. Identify gaps and overlaps in services. Provide a forum for clarifying perceptions and expectations among agencies and between agencies and the community. Set priorities for interagency projects. Implement collaborative programs, both public and private. For more info. or to contact them, check it out.

6. I'm Free 4 the WeekendA Santa Barbara, CA organization creates yearly events celebrating the sober lifestyle. Find out more info on: alcohol facts, prevention, awareness, campaings, health info, history, publications, referrals and resources, youth info, and the events sponsored and organized by CADA.

8. the Informed Parents Vaccination Home PageInformation on alternatives to Vaccinations. Dispelling Vaccination Myths, Vacciniation info Resource Directory, Vaccine/Desease Summaries, Articles, and Testimonials.

9. Santa Barbara Cottage HospitalFind out the babies of the month, Neonatal Intensive Care, Hematology/Oncology. Also, link to Cottage Hospital's home page.

10. Bright Futures Home Page Guidelines for: health supervision of infants, children, and adolescents. Focuses on health promotion an disease prevention issues, development and growth of children and teens.

11. Children with Spina Bifida: A Resource Page for ParentsSurvey, Mailing lists, Newsgroups, Chat rooms, links to other web sites, personal web sites, photo gallery, research, articles, family support.

12. Epilepsy in young childrenFirst time information, personal web pages of children with epilepsy, many individual stories, list of diagnoses and treatments, additional helpful links.

13. The Disability Connection Apple's program aimed at changing the day-to-day experience of being a seriously ill or disabled child.

14. Children with Diabetes The on-line community for kids, families, and adults with Type 1 diabetes.

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