Child Abuse

Consultant: Dr. Michelle Laba
Landon Pediatric Foundation of Ventura, California

Child Abuse: Implications for Physicians - Introduction

Taking the History

Conducting the Physical Exam

Making the Diagnosis


    Diagnosing Child Abuse:
    Implications for Physcians

      A diagnosis of child abuse may bring in social service agencies to ensure the well-being of the patient.

      Michelle Laba's lecture focuses on implications for the physician while taking the history, conducting the physical exam, and making the diagnosis -- with emphasis on the physician's documentation responsibilities.

      The lecture may be viewed and heard in RealVideo and RealAudio, and Dr. Laba's text notes may be reviewed. In addition, images are available for physician's reference of abused children and of children with disease symptoms commonly mistaken for abuse.

      Dr. Laba's Lecture Notes on Child Abuse

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