MERA's Goals

Marine Educators Regional Alliance

Community Focused Environmental Management Information for the Channel Islands Region

To build strong partnerships among the participating organizations in order to work together to enhance existing and future marine education programs.
To increase among people of all ages the level of awareness, understanding, support of, and participation in, the marine environment.
To enhance stewardship of the marine environment and resource protection through collaborative educational and outreach efforts.

In furtherence of these goals, the roles of MERA are to:

Identify the marine educational needs within our region.
Work cooperatively and collaboratively to increase public awareness and stewardship of the marine environment within our region.
Identify and prioritize long and short term educational actions that promote an increase in public awareness and stewardship within our region.
Exchange marine education and scientific information and develop collaborative projects among institutions, facilities, agencies and schools region-wide.
Encourage communication and development of collaborative projects among institutions, facilities, agencies, and schools world-wide.
Encourage an integrated approach to marine education through direct and indirect experiences with the environment.
Encourage the use and development of technology in marine education