Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary's role within MERA

Marine Educators Regional Alliance

Community Focused Environmental Management Information for the Channel Islands Region

The mission of the National Marine Sanctuary Program (NMSP) is to manage marine areas of special significance to protect their ecological and cultural integrity for the benefit of current and future generations. In order to meet the golas of its programs, NOAA employs ecologically sound principles of resource conservation, develops and implements stewardship, upholds education and research programs that foster public understanding, support and participation, and promotes the ecologically sustainable use of the nation's natural and cultural marine resources. The NMSP provides necessary leadership and acts as a catalyst to link the assets and resurces of government and non-government organizations to focus attention on the importance of managing and protecting marine resources.

The Sanctuary may make available such staff, information, admistrative services, or assistance as the Sanctuary Manager/Sanctuary Education Coordinator determines are reasonably required to enable MERA and its subcommittees to carry out their fuctions.

(a)Sanctuary Manager/Sanctuary Education Coordinator: The Sanctuary Manager / Sanctuary Education Coordinator will serve as the facilitator of meetings and will work closely with the Sanctuary Education/ Outreach Assistant.

Sanctuary Education / Outreach Assistant: The Sanctuary Education / Outreach Assistant will act as the MERA Coordinator and will attend, plan, coordinate and schedule all MERA and Steering Committee meetings. In addition, the MERA Coordinator will draft documents, maintain a record of minutes, distribute all related information and keep in close contact with Steering Committee and subcommittee chairpersons.