Sea Center

Where can you touch a live seastar, see live plankton, hatch grunion fish eggs, create your own sea art and learn about field trips to see whales, all in one day? At the Sea Center, located on historic Stearns Wharf!

The Sea Center features presentations that are designed to kindle a desire for visitors to go out into the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel. At the Sea Center, visitors may experience the blow of a blue whale, see the beauty of the kelp forest and touch the spines of a sea urchin. Through these interactions with marine life, visitors learn about the importance of the Santa Barbara Channel as a biosphere reserve.

In addition the Sea Center acts as a venue for a full slate of presentations, seven days a week given by staff marine biologists, Museum Docents, and college and high school interns working as interpreters. Shows will be object based, include live specimens when possible and will be supported by props and graphics to illustrate concepts.

Eric Solomon Introduces the Sea Center

Eric Solomon: The Sea Center & MERA

An "Aquatots" class at the touch tank

Feel free to contact us with your questions about local marine life, click on our email address below, or phone us at (805) 962-0885.

Eric Solomon
Sea Center Manager
Assistant Director of Education, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

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