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1 Nov 96

I can't remember such a heavy October rain as we had last Wednesday! We measured almost 6 inches in our rain gauge at home on San Marcos Pass that night. I'm breathing easier after thinking so much about fire lately. We have a concrete pool outside, exactly 4 feet on a side with straight sides and a flat bottom. It was dry before the rain. How much rain water collected in the pool during the storm?

We measured 6 inches of rain in our rain gauge, so there was also 6 inches of water in the pool, assuming no overflow or runoff. An inch of rain means enough water falls to cover the ground one inch deep everywhere, so any straight-sided container can be a rain gauge. I prefer Yuban coffee cans since they have creases every 3/4 inch which makes it easy to estimate amounts. If you don't have a rain gauge at home, make one! Question: does the ocean level rise when it rains at sea?

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