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4 October 2002

Stumper Birthdays

Today is Friday, October 4. It is our Dunn Middle School Newsnote (and my stumper) day. Today also happens to be my birthday, so this is one of my stumper birthdays! When will this happen again, and when did it last happen, that October 4 falls on a Friday? You can easily find the answers with any computer calendar program. Then you will notice the real stumper. My next Friday birthday is almost twice as many years away as my last one. It seems any date should fall on all the days of the week equally over the years, but is that really true, and what is the pattern?

I swiped this Perpetual Gregorian Calendar Javascript code from Stephen R. Schmitt on the Web. Thanks Stephen! You can lookup any date in any year to see which days of the week it falls on in different years. I made a few changes and haven't validated it very far. If you don't have Javascript ennabled, I'm not sure what you'll see!

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What is the pattern over the years for my stumper birthdays or any other date?


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