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5 March 1999

Dunn School won a trip to Disneyland by amassing bottlecaps. I'm not proud of this achievement, but we had a fun time at the park, and we had a chance to experience a physics stumper first hand!

Shoot My Own Feet

It was hard being a photographer at Disneyland last week. We spent a lot of time waiting in lines, and many rides are dark. I tried to get some action shots on the Matterhorn ride, a roller coaster that is out in the open part of the time. I had to let go of the safety bar to hold my camera, so I was jerked around a lot as I tried to snap pictures of the kids. I wasn't expecting much. I was surprised to discover that I took five pictures of my feet, and not a single shot of the kids or the sky! I wasn't trying to do this. Why did I only manage to shoot my own feet?

My feet on the Matterhorn
One of my better pictures from the Matterhorn ride.


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