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6 March 2000
(Bonus Stumper!)

We had snow at my house on San Marcos Pass on Monday, March 6. Snow Day! I noticed this stumper as the snow melted from our cars. This may be commonplace elsewhere in the country, but it seemed too unusual here in Santa Barbara to offer as a regular school stumper. This is a bonus stumper for everyone else.

Snow on the Hood

We had 3 inches of snow early this morning! That's unusual here in the mountains behind Santa Barbara, though we had another March snow storm last year. The snow started to melt away as the storm cleared. I noticed that on each of our cars, the snow on the flat hood over the engine melted first. Hours later, the tops and trunks of our cars were still covered. Why did the snow melt so much faster on the hoods? None of our cars had been driven for at least a full day before.

Early morning. The snow is already starting to melt
from the hood of our Volvo wagon on the right.
Later in the morning. The hood of my little Chevy is
completely clear, but the rest is still covered. Why?


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