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10 October 2003

Alice Big and Small

Alice changes her size at least twelve times during her adventures in Wonderland. (Can you find and maybe graph all the changes?) Alice grows taller than the trees and as small as a mouse. It's a powerful reminder of the awkward changes of adolescence. I wonder what it would really be like to grow so much larger or smaller. Would everything stay the same except your size, or would there be unexpected consequences? (Hint: think about insects and mice and elephants!) What if everything suddenly doubled in size. Could we tell?

John Tenniel's classic illustrations of Alice normal, big, and small.

A fun bonus stumper is to find other books, movies, comics, etc. where ordinary people and/or things get really big or small. The fuzzy picture to the right is a frame from one of my favorite Tex Avery cartoons that really takes the genre over the top. Another cartoon favorite is the Simpson's episode where Itchy and Scratchy keep pulling out bigger and bigger handguns until they blow up the world! (I can't find a picture.) What else can you find?


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