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11 October 2002

Bikes and Boards

Early autumn is a changing season that brings perfect days to be outside. Biking and surfing are on my mind, and they share a stumper. It's very hard to balance on a bike or stand on a surfboard at rest, but it's not so hard when you're moving. That's the Catch-22 that makes both so hard to learn. You want to start slow, but it's easier fast, but you're just learning so you must go slow. Why is balancing a bike or board easier when you're moving? What other activities are similar? If your first thought is spinning wheels, then keep thinking about surfing!

This DMS student proves that it is possible to stand on a surfboard at rest. When the waves are this flat, there's not much else to do! Mountain bike trials riders do astounding tricks on near-stationary bikes when they attempt to get over an obstacle course with a penalty point every time they put a foot down. But for most of us, it's much easier to balance bikes and boards when moving. Why?


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