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12 Dec 97

The Twelve Days of Christmas (continued)

When you sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas", exactly when are you half done?

Singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is a different problem. You sing "five gold rings", but you don't sing "gold ring" five times.

Half of 364 is 182 gifts. You receive half the gifts on the tenth day after the seventh dancing lady.

There are 102 lines in the song. Line 51 is the last "partridge in a pear tree" in the verse about the eighth day.

There are 425 words in the song. Half of that is 212.5, in the word "swans" in the verse about the eighth day.

Randy J. Slavey posted to rec.puzzles that "There are 543 syllables in this song. Half of that is 271.5 which would make the pause after the 'tur' of turtle doves in verse 8 half way. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am bored."

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