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12 November 1999

Five Fridays

I write these stumpers for the Dunn Middle School Friday Newsnote, and I keep collections of past newsnotes and stumpers on the Web. I noticed last week that there were five Friday newsnotes in the month of October 1999. I believe this is the first time that this has ever happened, though there have been other months that could have had five newsnotes if not for school vacations and other interruptions. This suggests a tricky stumper. Ignoring vacations, what are the most (and least) months with five Fridays that can occur in a single calendar year (Jan. - Dec.)? How uncommon is this event, and what hidden patterns does it reveal?

Five Fridays in October 1999.   Unlucky Strikes
98.6 in the Shade
World Party
Too Many Ancestors    
Ollie Up
  1 Oct 99
  8 Oct 99
15 Oct 99
22 Oct 99
29 Oct 99
Five Fridays in October 1999.    


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