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14 September 2001

Imagine Peace

I had a fine stumper about boiling water this week, but it seems silly now with those images and stories of war and terror and heroism so fresh. I've been thinking of John Lennon's song Imagine (). He asks us to "imagine all the people, living life in peace." Is it really possible? Can all the people of the world have peace without oppression? Is there enough for everyone? Can everyone be rich? It's a question worth asking as we wait for justice. I don't really expect the answer, but I do expect honest assumptions, hard thinking, and your opinion from the heart.

It was hard being a teacher at school this week in the aftermath of the September 11 attack. But I found it harder not to be at school. We keep up a good face and do what we must, a group prayer, mass and volume experiments, Hike Club to a perfect swimming hole. The poet Robert Frost says of life, "It goes on." My school is a community at peace, but we are small and exclusive. Can everyone find peace and share the good things? That's my stumper for this dark time, and I hope our eyes can see. Love, not hate. Please share your thoughts.

- Treebeard    

A moment of silence to mourn lives lost and hope for world peace...


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