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19 January 2001

Frosty Windows

We've had beautiful weather here in central California since our heavy rains last week, but the clear nights have been very cold. There's still snow on the high mountains. I have to give myself extra time in the morning to scrape the ice from my car windows before I can drive to school. I've noticed that the sloping front windshield of my car usually has heavy frost, but the side windows only have dew or light frost that I can brush away. Why is there a difference? I'm sure the air temperature is the same all around the car. I should mention that I park outside under the stars in front of my house in the woods. (That's a hint!)

Two early-morning photos of my car with ice on the front windshield, but the side windows are just foggy with condensation
or completely clear. In the picture on the left, the roof is white with frost but the hood isn't as frosty. That's another stumper!
My little Chevy always gets more ice than Julie's Volvo in the back, and my sloping rear window is as frosty as the front.


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