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25 Oct 96

People still object to Daylight Savings Time. "The extra hour of daylight will split the tomatoes right off the vine!" We go back to Standard Time this weekend, so don't forget to "spring ahead, fall back" like most of the nation. But if you did forget to set your clock back, would you get to school an hour too early or an hour too late? (Answer quick, without thinking too much!)

Everyone got to school on time after the shift from Daylight Savings Time. But if someone did forget to set their clocks back they would get to school early. (You could get to school and then turn your clock back, so you'd be early.) I asked this question in each class Monday morning. The 6th grade answered 8-1 correct, the 7th grade 8-4, and the 8th grade only 4-9. It's a good thing I didn't ask us adults. Some things we don't learn from experience!

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