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26 February 1999

Dunn School won a trip to Disneyland by amassing bottlecaps. I'm not proud of this achievement, but we had a fun time at the park on Friday, and we had a chance to experience some physics first hand!

Gee, Force!

We're off to Disneyland, yahoo! That's a theme park with many attractions, but I'm sure the longest lines will be at the roller coaster rides like Space Mountain and the classic Matterhorn. A big question with such rides is where to sit. Part of the thrill is the view, so the front is the place to be. But the biggest thrill is the g force we feel as the cars race around the track. So where's the best seat for maximum thrills: front, middle, or back? Or maybe it doesn't matter? After all, the cars are connected together, so they must all be going at the same speed.


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