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26 March 1999

We had an unusual snow storm on March 15. We usually get some snow in the mountains behind Santa Barbara, but this storm dumped as much as 10 inches and completely covered the upper Santa Ynez Valley. There was even snow at Dunn Middle School in Los Olivos. I got to take my first ever snow day from work, but Ry and I spent most of it chain sawing a path through the broken trees along our road. What a mess. I will post an album of snow pictures.

Storm Damage

Snow at the Middle School was a fun surprise last week! It wasn't so much fun at my home on San Marcos Pass. We had seven inches of heavy snow on the ground by noon. Then the oak trees started to break under the weight. It sounded like artillery! Our house survived, but the woods are a mess. As the snow melted, I noticed California poppies near school and yellow buttercups in the mountains that went through the storm without damage. How can the snow snap the oak trees, yet leave these delicate wildflowers unharmed?

Storm damage photo
Storm damage in front of our house.
Note the widow-makers hanging from the tree.


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