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29 September 2000

There and Back Again

Dunn Middle School flies east to Washington D.C. on Sunday, yahoo! The Earth is also moving, turning on its axis once a day from west to east at more than 1000 miles per hour on the equator! Will the speed of the Earth's rotation make a difference on our flight times to D.C. and back? We'll learn about time zones firsthand. Another effect of the rotating Earth is the fairly steady jet stream winds that also blow from west to east at our latitude. These winds will help and hinder our flights there and back. Will that make a difference in our total flight time?

The raw data for this stumper is printed on our airplane tickets. There's a 3 hour time zone difference.
  From To LV AR (air time)
There: LAX
Intl Airport
Dulles Intl
4 hours 45 minutes

Back again: Washington
Dulles Intl
Intl Airport
5 hours 22 minutes


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