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6 September 2002

Catalina Crossings

Treebeard made this with Crossword Compiler and his own wits.
This puzzle is also available as an MS Word document.


3.   Help
11. Your own place in nature
13. George Lucas and giant kelp
14. Sea and soldier and biology
16. Was Catalina connected to mainland?
17. "Belay --" is response to 1 down
18. Sunburn danger (abbr.)
20. Sea anemones and barnacles with no legs
22. Crab and lobster bones
23. Phd in marine biology (abbr.)
25. Island greeting and goodbye
26. High and low every day
28. What you do on a kayak
29. Study how organs work
31. Well-developed in octopus and squid
32. Diving weight material (abbr.)
33. About 4.5 billion years for earth
34. Clear water at Catalina has little of this
36. California state marine fish
40. Starfish, sea urchin, and sand dollar
43. How kelp makes dinner
44. Where our boat lands
46. Insect leg count in ancient Rome
47. Roman bone
48. Agency protects environment (abbr.)
49. Study how nature works (see 2 down)
50. Shell element (abbr.)
52. Do seals have visible ears?
53. One foot but no toes
54. Recycling from the ocean deep
57. Tidal zone between high and low
59. Study plant and animal parts
61. California fish police
63. Warm ocean water but hard on kelp
64. Pesky introduced large mammals


1.   Say "-- belay" when you start climbing
2.   Home and nature root (Greek)
3.   Ocean or part of it
4.   Sea urchin legs
5.   Get used to it
6.   Age when sea level was lower
7.   Oak, willow, and ironwood
8.   Critter home
9.   Mussles and clams have this kind of valve
10. Belly button place, opposite 37 down
12. Wimpy critter with no backbone
15. Are deer native on Catalina?
19. Life arranged by order of predation
21. Natural community buzzword
24. Has light without heat
27. Sailor yes
28. Senorita cleaning fish and lichens
29. Remoras on a shark and ticks
30. Seafood danger (abbr.)
35. What giant kelp does during El Nino
37. Shark fin you see first in Jaws
38. Fish-ology
39. Schist, andesite, and shale
41. Starfish symmetry
42. Soapstone mineral
43. Whale food drifters
45. Every animal even without a credit card
51. Night dive shark has a point
55. Greedy at dinner, or 64 across
56. Fun whirlpool for a kayak
58. Anadromous fish heading up-river
60. Bivalve shell count
62. Sand element (abbr.)

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